PR Bartending


Professionally certified and A-plus rated by the Better Business Bureau, fully-insured mobile bartending and waitstaff servicing weddings, corporate events, private and public functions in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. Full-service beverage planning and consulting. Featuring a full line of rental beverage equipment including keg taps, bars, coolers, chests, tubs and glassware.


  • 6-Feet
  • 8-Feet
  • 12-Feet (horizontal or 'L' or 'V' configurations)
  • 16-Feet (best as a 'V' configuration, pictured below)
  • 20-Feet (8-foot front with 6-foot wings)

Prices include delivery, setup/breakdown and white or black cloths.

Two 8-foot bars form a corner masterpiece service area

Two 8-foot bars form a corner masterpiece service area

Coolers, Chests & Tubs

PR Bartending features a full line of clean rental coolers ranging in size up to 195 quarts -- perfect for bottled beer -- along with wine and champagne silver-plated or rustic tubs, champagne buckets, elegant glass spigot jugs with rod-iron stands for specialty cocktails and galvanized steel tubs for serve-yourself sodas and water.


  • Champagne vintage coupe    
  • 4 oz. wine glass          
  • 6 oz. wine glass           
  • 8 oz. wine glass
  • 10 oz. wine glass
  • 12 oz footed water goblet         
  • Cocktail tall                 
  • Cocktail short             
  • Old fashioned              
  • 12 oz. Pilsner                

PR Bartending features a full line of glassware rentals with optional breakage insurance. Glassware delivery fee applies. Write for rates: